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 Hello Jesse,
My best time is 48.737 seconds.Can you beat that?
OK, I know that is SimpleBot's run time.
I wrote the SimpleBot demo before any of the features were written to help tune your robot - so you probably can beat that time.

OK, adjusting some of the SimpleBot parameters. I just figured out that I can beat the time.I am thinking there has got to be a way to beat that.
Different sensors? Sensor locations..  Different ideas on speed control... 
I hope to give that a whirl before contest day.
Anyway,  I would urge you to compete. Half the fun is not knowing what people are capable of.LFS took months to write. Every person who has the time or inclination to compete earns my respect and appreciation and I am sure the respect and appreciation of all DPRG members who directly or indirectly have made LFS happen. 
My thinking too. Is with Time warp, anyone can demo alternate controller designs not part of an official entry. So  if you come up with some alien sensor scheme and want to show it off I would think for this contest it would be welcomed as a demo. Just me talking. I will leave that to the official people. You could always show off at any virtual meeting in the future... 

Ron Grant

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Thanks Doug.  I already signed up with a line follower bot and I'm working on video for a rover.    I had a quick question, is anyone willing to share their times on the novice course so I know if I am competitive or not?   I'm very excited to be able to do a competition this year.  And thanks to everyone for the hard work on the simulator.  It's awesome!  I'm in Iowa and there are not any local groups like DPRG here so the virtual competition is perfect for me.
Jesse Brockmann
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-All,     The details for the Dec 12th virtual competition can be found at Virtual Competition - dprg.org.Make sure to check it out. There is still plenty of time to compete.
Regards,Doug P._______________________________________________
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