[Dprglist] Homemade Donkey Car Course

Doug Paradis paradug at gmail.com
Sun Feb 24 11:52:20 PST 2019

I was able to make a portable Donkey Car course for experimenting. I used a
Harbor Freight green tarp (11'4" x 11'6", $7.99 - 20%) and white duct tape
from Home Depot (1-5/8" x 20 yds, $3.57). I also used some small orange
cones (not necessary) from Dollar tree (4 for $1). Total cost under $12
with tax.

I am using a game pad attached to my laptop, similar to what Ray is doing,
to manually learn how to steer around the course. My car is a scale 1:10, a
little bigger than some of the other ones being built by club members,
which makes the turn radius larger. However, I can maneuver this course
pretty easily. The width between lines is 2 feet.

Next step is training the car. I have to wait until I can get better
lighting, before going for it. Hopefully, I can try this evening.

BTW, Ray has reported success in training his car and having it navigate
his course successfully. Should be an interesting RBNO this Tuesday.

Doug P.

[image: course -IMG_9463.jpg]
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