[Dprglist] For your next robot - handy dc-dc converters - 3S LiPo to RPi

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Hey Carl/All,
Looks nice, but would be nice to have auto disconnect of converter on low voltage -- of course that can be addressed separately, up line at the input of the dc-dc converter.

Voltage monitoring by MCU (with suitable voltage divider)  or display with one of those $1 LED display modules is handy, just thinking more about accidental leaving converter/load connected to battery.
Maybe someone can shed some light on how many li-po packs have auto low-voltage shutoff these days.
At first I was thinking about this converter being used with a 3 cell pack, wonder if it would work with a 2 cell pack?If so, at least the pi would die before the battery. You still would need to disconnect battery, but at least brain death would precede battery death.


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Found these - should come in handy powering Raspberry Pi from a 3S LiPo pack.  Haven't powered them up yet - but the specs look good
this one is a little smaller, with just Micro-USB out


this one has both a micro-USB and a USB female:
it's also branded DROKDROK sells a ton of handy modules like this - dc-dc converters of all sizes, I/O, control & display options. I've used them a bunch and haven't been disappointed yet.
- Carl
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