[Dprglist] Reminder -- DPRG Monthly Meeting Tomorrow! - Saturday Dec 14, noon

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Fri Dec 13 07:19:11 PST 2019

<https://www.dprg.org/?author=1> Scarily Realistic Animatronic Spider –
Monthly Meeting Topic – Dec 14th, 2019
by Robie_robot <https://www.dprg.org/?author=1>

December’s DPRG monthly meeting ventures into the frightful, with a
presentation on the construction of a scarily realistic animatronic spider
that happens to be ~4-feet in diameter.

John Gauthier conceived of this spider as a Halloween project. His
presentation will carry us all the way from its layout in SketchUp to its
final implementation. The spider is remotely controlled by a data glove and
a switch wand. Movement of the robot is done with stepper motors and
Microchip PIC MCUs. A Raspberry Pi handles the sounds. Communication
between the controls and the spider are accomplished by using nRF24L01+ RF
transceiver modules. The project utilizes custom build PCBs, 3D printing,
and fabric crafts to create a truly impressive result.

The spider in all its glory (or is that gory) will be lurking at the DPRG
December 14th monthly meeting at the Dallas Makerspace in the Interactive
Room. Presentation starts at noon.

This is a wonderful opportunity to see how to conceive and execute a
complex project. *Don’t miss it!*
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