[Dprglist] I'll be BAAHCK!

Clayton Timmons ctimmons at ieee.org
Wed May 9 08:21:54 PDT 2018

As Arnold said in the Terminator -  I'll be back.    I haven't built a
robot in years and it's time for me to be back.   Years ago I built a line
following robot that used a 486 laptop and a QuickCam.   Back in those days
it was quite difficult task since I had to write my own camera driver in C
and bit bang the parallel port to get a black and white image.   It was a
great challenge and I was able to get it to work.

Pictures ----

I reworked and renamed the robot several times and attempted wall following
and can recognition.
  Eye Robot  -->  Eye Robot II -->  Eye Reckon  -->  Can Eye


I'm planning on having a robot for the competition this Saturday  Raspberry
Eye.    Ok now that I've said it now I have to build it.

Off to build,

-Clay Timmons-
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