[Dprglist] Please review & comment - Proposed Line Following Course Layouts - Advanced and Novice

James LeRoy james at getsurreal.com
Thu Aug 23 08:16:37 PDT 2018

Both courses look good to me.  Great job!

I wouldn't expect to be able to practice on the competition courses, so 
by any chance will we have any banner style practice courses?


On 8/23/2018 7:15 AM, DPRG Competitions via DPRGlist wrote:
> As mentioned in recent monthly meetings,
> DPRG will print Advanced and Novice line following courses on banner 
> material for this falls contests.
> *Pro:*  This style of course is much lighter and easier to make, 
> replicate and handle than the traditional linoleum tile and tape 
> courses. Seems a bargain at $1.47 / sq ft.
> *Con:*  Layouts are fixed - to change the course requires printing a 
> new one. OR, printing ‘tiles’ on banner requires minimum of 2’ x 2’ 
> squares, then kludgy process to join with tape to rearrange.
> Please take a look at the proposed courses and speak up if you think 
> adjustments should be made.  We’d like to print fairly soon, to let 
> people start to practice for the upcoming 13 Oct Roborama Showcase at 
> Dev Fest weekend.
> And if you’re interested to compete on 13 Oct, be sure to check 
> logistics and register here
> https://www.meetup.com/Build-More-Robots-with-DPRG/events/253899798/
> Reminder, these courses are intended to serve rules defined here:
> https://dprgblog.files.wordpress.com/2018/04/line_following_v20171111.pdf
> Both courses are designed to fit within the 7’ x 10’ can-can arena, so 
> that we can be space efficient if/as needed.
> The advanced course is estimated around 417 inches, just over the 400 
> inch rule definition – close enough:
> The novice course comes is estimated right at 300 inches:
> Carl
> DPRG VP & Roborama Wrangler
> Ps. The recently printed Challenge line following course is still in 
> good shape – no need to reprint that one yet.  We need more people to 
> go for it and help wear it out with their robots….
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