[Dprglist] ROS + MAVROS Assistance needed (paid gig)

Payne Wingate payne at skylvl.com
Sun Oct 16 10:29:36 PDT 2016

Hello group,

I have a project that I am needing some help on.

I'm looking for someone well versed in ROS and MAVROS.

I need someone to code/ program 3-4 small drones in formation for an indoor
art installation.

I plan on using Optitrack Motion Capture Cameras to provide the location
data to the drones, but have no experience with ROS or MAVROS.

This would be a paid opportunity, either for the coding, consultation, or

Please contact me directly if you can help (call or text)




Payne Wingate


Payne at SkyLVL.com

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