[Dprglist] robots repair holes in airship

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I've been keeping my eye on NASA's Robonaut - the bot they have on the 
ISS to help setup repair / construction operations to maximize the time 
astronauts spend on project during EVAs. While there is a lot of 
autonomous on it, they have RC suits for land based operators that it 
will mimic.

We recently went down to Space Center Houston. They have a torso in the 
museum and a few in the training area you can see on one of the tours. 
They bolted one of them on a space quad, which I thought was pretty 
cool. Here's a pic I snapped of them (shot through a glass window, 
forgive the quality).

NASA recently had an open challenge on building algorithms to improve 
control of it.


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>Interesting how SF movies introduce ideas that later become technology. 
>In this case, I am thinking of the repair bots that are in the Star War 
>series. Also, R2D2 fixing Luke's fighter in the middle of combat.  I 
>wonder how broad the claims are in the patents.
>-Doug P.
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>This is pretty cool:
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